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Why you might want to drink your chocolate

April 10th, 2013


Why you might want to drink your chocolate

The good news this week is that scientists have discovered a way of reducing the fat content of chocolate...but the bad news is that it may take some time for anyone in the food industry to start manufacturing it.

So what should we do meanwhile?  One solution is to drink the chocolate instead of eating it in a bar.  A bar of, for example, Green & Black’s 85% is more than 50% fat, while their drinking cocoa is less than 25%.  Cocoa also contains a high ratio of protein to carbohydrate, making it the better choice for anyone looking to balance blood sugar, which in turn can help regulate hormones, mood, and weight.

Another benefit is that one cup is quite satisfying, so you are unlikely to be tempted to just have one more piece as you would with a bar.

A word of caution though…a high cocoa content means high caffeine, so fertility patients, pregnant mums, and anyone prone to anxiety or sleep difficulties shouldn’t overindulge.  Oh and don’t confuse cocoa with drinking chocolate which has far more sugar.


Nutrition in grams per 100


85% cocoa bar

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To make a rich dark chocolate drink

Mix a dessertspoonful of good quality cocoa with enough milk, or oat, rice, or soya milk to make a smooth paste, then top up with hot water, and stir.  If you prefer a sweeter taste you can use more milk. 


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